Tuesday, February 21, 2017

King of War Presidents' Day game

Got another game in with my boys.  These guys LOVE Kings of War.  It reminds them of the Total War video game series.  Problem is, they are giving me MORE work to do, as in building and painting (finishing up armies really). 

 Constantine's turn.  This is turn 2.

 This is end of turn 3.  Their Soul Reaver Regiment (lower left) defeated my Heavy Pike Unit in the first charge! Brutal unit.  My Berserkers defeated his Skeleton Spears and in turn, his Soul Reveras charged the newly repositioned Berzerkers in the front and defeated them too.  The Foot Guard did prolonged battle with the Revenants and failed to route them a few times, but in the end, the Undead routed them!  The rifles on the hill blew away the Soul Reaver Cav after a few turns of shooting and that allowed my Knights to flank his Revenants. 

Here you see how the game ended.  No extra turn which caused a draw (25 point difference).  If we would of had a new turn, my plan was to run past his Soul Reaver Infantry with the Knights to get out of their arc and shoot them with my rifles and hopefully cause them to break OR shoot the standard or Necromancer. 
This game is fun.  Problem is, once things start to go bad, they go VERY bad.  And dice matter more than ever.  A few times I had wounded the Undead with crazy numbers but I rolled low and that was that!  I cant seem to roll high wit the nerve test in this game. 
Another mechanic i like is the use of movement trays to identify unit size.  This helps A LOT when you don't have enough models.  Say a horde of something, but you have 12-20 models.  Just spread them out on the base and you are good to go!  

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