Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Unscheduled Game #2: King of War Night: Camp-Pain Continues.

My buddy Kyle made it over for an unscheduled Camp-Pain game.  His Night Kin vs. my Kingdom Of Men.

It was a fun game, full of tactical and strategic mistakes, but we both learned from our mistakes....well, until the next time we repeat them.  HAHA.  Kyle is new to KOW too, so it was a good match up. 

Night king are nasty.  They have the Vicious special rule on ALL units, so they can reroll and "1"s rolled on the
"to wound" roll.  Nasty stuff.  Here is our game:

Both Kyle and I realized our mistakes right away.  Bad set up for my cav units and Kyle made a mistake with the placement of his bolt thrower and his flyers.  

This I think is turn 2.  Kyle didn't want to move his units turn one, so I HAD to move as his bolt thrower would hurt me.  On my flanks, I messed up again.  I forgot that I can move through units AND I was too afraid of his cav and flyers.  stupid on my part.  But Kyle kept me at length.  I used my scouts with carbines to hit his flyers.  The idea was to make them route....BUT, Dice gods were not with me, I rolled low.  So I knew I was dead. 

In the end, the bolt thrower did nothing.  Got one shot off which missed.  

The Foot Guard were soooo scared of the light xbows that they shit their pants and fainted!  No actually the tray failed and spilled everyone. 

We resorted to floating trays going fwd for the combat on the hill.  My Knights finally got the charge off at the Kin cav and killed them.  In the end, they were my only standing unit. 
Units tht did NOTHING: My Heavy Pikes, and my Knights were ineffective till the end.  Kyle's Bolt Thrower.  My pikes were literally wasted 185 points. 

Last standing units of our game. PS: That sorceress is BRUTAL!!!!  Congrats to Kyle for his win.  Evil puts more points on the board. 


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